Our Company

We believe that excellence should be a given – PRS Group is lucky to employ some of the most experienced and talented people in the External Wall Insulation Industry, this means knowledge and attention to detail are second nature to our teams. With over 150 years of combined management and operational experience, you can be sure to get only the very best from us.

We value integrity and reliability and always place the customer’s journey at the top of our agenda. PRS work with many of the industries top manufacturers to ensure your installation is properly designed and gives you the maximum return on your investment.

Our Mission

To promote the use of modern building technologies with the specific aim of reducing carbon emissions and helping to tackle Fuel Poverty. Our passion is to provide excellence in all aspects of our work and lead the way with innovation.

Our Values

Excellence – We give it as standard
Integrity – We are real
Quality – What we do – We Do Well
Accountability – If it needs to be, it’s up to me
Partnership – With our Customers, Our Suppliers and our People.
Collaborative – We use technology to collaborate

Our values have seen us grow from 6 people to over 180, and has driven many of our customers to return time and time again, each time it gets better. We have discovered that delivering excellence is actually not that hard, it just takes passion and integrity – and of course, great people.!

Affiliations and Accreditations